Recent projects include:

  • Report on children in developed countries
  • Report on electricity in Africa
  • Manual Vaccination methods in poultry production
  • Programme Management Guidance
  • Texts about Expo Dubai 2020
  • Blog post about climate justice and renewable energy
  • Blog post about violence agaist women
  • Training material for an international NGO (water, sanitation and hygiene)
  • Report on education
  • Report on scientific research
  • Manual on prison design
  • Manual on low vision
  • A guided tour of a religious building
  • Voice over of a documentary on drug trafficking in Latin America
  • Report on community protocols on biodiversity management
  • A report on climate change and renewable energy in Africa
  • An 80-page report on female genital mutilation
  • Information pack for an aquaculture management plan
  • Localisation of an NGO website (menus, articles and content)
  • Press release on adapting to climate change
  • Articles on illegal fishing and fishery resource management
  • Project management training documents
  • Report on natural resource management in Africa (fisheries and forestry)

Client feedback

“Congratulations on your excellent work. Your translations were a pleasure to read.”

Translation agency proofreader, December 2014

“Thank you for your excellent quality, highly professional work on our video tutorials.
We have had feedback from users and they are unanimous in their praise for the tutorials and the way they convey real experiences.
The finished product is a polished set of videos and a very effective educational tool.
They will be extremely useful for training tourism professionals.”

Project manager for an IT company, January 2014

“Thank you and well done. I hardly changed a thing as you can see.
Your translation reads well. There are no errors and your style matches mine, so there isn’t much to tweak.”

Freelance translator, June 2015


Human rights and social justice

Culture, politics and society

Tourism and new technology:

  • Video tutorials for tourist industry software (online booking management)

Les mots nomades

Jeanne Vandewattyne, freelance English-French and Spanish-French translator specialised in international development, tourism and maritime affairs (fisheries, aquaculture and marine environment).

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Les mots nomades
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